Project 1

John Bobo, currently holds a Class A Commercial Drivers License in the State of Maryland. His class A CDL is endorsment rich with all, only excluding passenger endorsment. Meaning he can operate any CDL classified motor vehicle except passenger buses. He also possess the Transportation Worker Identification Credential Card (TWIC Card), which is required by the Maritime Transportation Security Act for workers who need access to secure areas of the nation's maritime facilities and vessels. His exposure to the Trucking Industry spans approximately 47 years give or take, with formal training in diesel machinics appoximately 37 years ago and refresher course within the past 15 years . With the extensive knowledge he holds, he has and continues to assist prospects, newbies and the least experienced with encouragement, guidance and support. Over the years he has participated in the formation of several trucking companies from picking the name, forming the entity, choosing a truck by inspection, filing all neccessary Department of Transportation documents, insurance shopping, procuring needed loads, dispatching, preventive maintenance, all administrative calculations and contractual agreements. After a thorough review of all projects at hand and the lucrative nature of the Trucking Industry, he is confident that it is time prioritize his focus towards his lifelong vision.