Project 2



In 2018, John Bobo, developed his first Barbeque Sauce after growing frustrated with the increasing amounts of chemical additives used in food products in an attempt to preserve the products shelf life. He learned from his grandmother Hattie at an early age that there are several natural products that are used as preservatives. After researching and studying the numerous benefits and reactive nature of countless herbs, spices and roots in relation to acetic acid and natural sugars, he began secretly combinating an assortment of these ingredients while testing a great amount of brewing methods. Although, he had satisfied his own palate overwhelmingly, so he than converted his secret recipe and made a gallon for the ready. It was not until his lady friend shared his supply with her grandson's father family that he realised that he may have a product that's marketable. Meaning when he witnessed with his own eyes people sitting at the table moaning and enjoying the sauce eating with forks and their fingers and stating that he should be selling it. Since that day he passed out samples to friends, co-workers, neighbors and family members and acheived the same result regardless of age, sex or culture. He was often asked if he made anymore of Dat sauce because out of towners after tasting would often deplete their stash some report of hiding their supply. After hearing Dat phrase so often he pitched several names and continue returning to Dat phrase. To avoid any protential to marginalize the sauce's public debut, he decided on "THAT_____SAUCE" SO GOOD YOU'LL WANT TO PUT YOUR OWN NAME TO IT. After the overwhelming great reviews and constant demand for "THAT_____SAUCE" he has taken strict measures to safeguard from concept to conception. This product is already a Registered TRADEMARK and reasonable efforts are in place and ongoing to maintain its TRADE SECRETS. There are only a few processes remaining inorder to introduce to the market.